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Welcome to Advance Career development seaport enhanced portal

SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) is a contracting method to announce, receive and award Navy and Marine Corps virtual systems command task orders to approved prime vendors and their team industry partners across seven geographical zones. Chief of Naval Operations (NCO) mandated Seapower 21 as a means to meet the need for a more effective and cost efficient Navy. To meet the objectives of Seapower 21 and increase procurement efficiency. Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Warfare Centers established the Seaport Enhanced (SeaPort-e) Multiple Award Contract (MAC) vehicle. SeaPort-e uses a web-based, e-business procurement portal to be the vehicle for processing future Engineering, Financial and Program Management contractor support services.


Advance Career Development, a small Veteran Owned SBA certified 8(a) prime, was awarded a contract on June 28, 2011 under the NAVSEA SeaPort-e Program, for providing hands-on instructor-led training, engineering, technical and programmatic support services.  Advance Career Development (ACD) is a training company whose principals and team members have extensive experience in the creation, execution and follow-up of government and non-government training programs worldwide.  Since 1999, Advance Career Development has implemented flexible and customized professional training programs that incorporate instructor-led computer base training, coaching workshops, conferences and collaborative learning.  Advance Career Development is an innovative training company.  The specific difference between our training and many of the other training companies is in the extensive HANDS-ON labs.  Our labs include step-by step tasks using real life scenarios.  ACD is dedicated to providing skilled personnel and leveraging the best of both Government and Commercial technologies and expertise in fulfilling contractual requirements.

Quality Plan

The following is the Advance Career Development (ACD) approach to quality. The application of our QCP provides the controls and methods for the timely delivery of services to our customers that exceed the stated requirements. Our QCP presents the corporate philosophy on quality and establishes the overarching environment under which each of our tasks will be executed. Our Quality Control Program (QCP) is at the heart of all our business and is based on the following essential elements;

1.      A total commitment by corporate management and professional staff to this training services contract. This commitment transcends the personnel and resource commitments normally associated with this type of effort to include a pledge of effective management involvement and the delivery of on time, quality, and cost effective training solutions.

2.      Comprehensive knowledge of our customers’ requirements for current and future training.

3.      A clear understanding of the activities that must be managed to successfully support the training requirements of each site.

4.      A sound quality approach to delivery of training services.

5.      Proven quality control plans and procedures.

6.      Fully operational and proven management techniques to ensure effective personnel management.

7.      A well-defined reporting structure and workload control system to provide effective time management and cost control.

8.      Program management, task leadership, and instructional services by individuals with directly related training experience.

9.      A corporate commitment to continuous improvement.

10.  Incorporation of best business practices and lessons learned.

We are dedicated to the delivery of quality training services that meets SEAPORT-E expectations. Our QCP satisfies this objective through the implementation of a series of standards and procedures requiring continuous monitoring and review.  Our approach to achieving our vision of “execution with precision” is based on quality people using quality processes and quality tools. The use of quality processes (well-defined, documented, standardized, and integrated) yields repeatable, managed, and optimized results. An important feature of achieving quality is the ability to measure both process quality and product quality, and to provide quantitative feedback from the process and from implementing innovative ideas and technologies. 

SeaPort Task Orders:

List of SeaPort Team Members:

Point of Contact for Customer Satisfaction and questions related to the SeaPort program
Michael Johnson and Erin Askar - email  govservices @

To view a complete listing of the successful awardees under this solicitation, please go to the "Contracts List for June 28, 2011" on the following website: . 




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